About Us

Welcome to Contacts4U

Contacts4U is a contact lens website run by qualified optometrists designed to provide you with the most convenient and affordable way to order your replacement contact lenses. We offer genuine brand contact lenses. We are committed to providing you with quality product delivered directly to your door at no extra charge — FREE Delivery!

Our helpful and friendly staff are dedicated to providing you with top quality service with the convenience of not needing to leave your house. We supply all the major brands and types of contact lenses below retail. We pride ourselves on our high quality of customer service and order fulfilment.

As optometrists, our number one priority is the health of your eyes. We recommend regular eye examinations with your regular eye care professional.

Approved by optometrists

  • Operated by New Zealand-Qualified optometrists
  • 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Our guarantee to you

  • We guarantee that you will receive the same lenses that you would buy from your optometrist or eye doctor or your money will be refunded.
  • We also guarantee that the lenses are shipped and sealed in the original manufacturer’s sterile packaging free from any manufacturer’s defects or we will replace them promptly at absolutely no extra charge to you.

Why buy your contact lenses from us?

  • We can supply you with any type/brand of contact lenses available in New Zealand
  • You get your precise brand and prescription.
  • Your order is delivered directly to your home or office.
  • We have an established track record.
  • We stock more lenses so most orders are shipped quickly.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Benefits of ordering online

  • It's convenient and fast
  • Our high level of internet security ensures complete privacy and protection of your personal data, prescription and credit card information.
  • Saves you valuable time when reordering.
  • Over million people buy contacts direct online.
  • Buy from us and enjoy great savings every time.
  • We deliver your order directly to your home or office.

Your eye health

To ensure the ongoing good health of your eyes, we recommend regular eye examinations. If you have any discomfort or redness while wearing your contact lenses you should cease lens wear immediately and consult your eye care professional.