Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question section. Your eye health is important to us and we are constantly looking at ways to further educate our customers. To ensure the ongoing good health of your eyes, we recommend regular eye examinations.

These are some frequently asked questions previously asked, if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask us, we are more then happy to help!

1. How can I start wearing contact lenses?

To start wearing contact lenses you should talk to your optometrist and see if it is suitable to wear, as there are a variety of lenses of different shapes and sizes they will fit you with different lenses and see what’s best for you. After that you should be able to get a prescription and use that to buy contact lenses from us.

2. Can I use the same prescription as my glasses?

No, contact lenses and glasses prescriptions are different, you will need to see your optometrist and get fitted with lenses.

3. What is a base curve, spherical power and diameter?

  • The base curve indicated how curved the back surface of the contact lenses is. This is chosen by your optometrist to provide the best fitting contact lens for your eyes.
  • The spherical power is the strength of the lens.
  • The diameter, is the overall diameter of the contact lens.

4. Can contact lenses harm my eyes?

If the correct rules of contact lens maintenance is adhered to the risk of contact lenses harming your eyes are very remote.

5. Can I purchase lenses from your site even if I don’t have a prescription?

No, we can not sell lenses to you if you do not have a valid prescription, as there are a variety of different lenses. Getting fitted by your optometrist first would be your best choice.

6. If I’ve been told I have astigmatism, can I still wear lenses?

Yes, Astigmatism is distorted vision caused by an oval shaped cornea.

Contact lenses that correct the astigmatism are called “Torics”, They are made to compensate for the oval shape of your eyes, helping to correct your vision.

Non-toric lenses will not correct your vision.

7.Where can I get my prescription?

You can go to any qualified Optometrist; alternatively if you live in Auckland, you can visit our own optometrist:

Shop 3, 445 Richardson Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
Phone: 09 627-5590
Located by the Mt Roskill Medical Centre

If you have a question and it hasn’t be answered here, feel free to contact faq@contacts4u.co.nz