How to Order

Step 1: Choosing your products

Select your product type by using the left hand menu. You can also just simply click through to the desired shop category and browse through the selection.

Step 2: How do I know how to choose information (eg. spherical power)

If You have a previous box of contact lenses, on the sides there is the information of the lenses you are using example:

Base Curve (BC/Bcor): 8.6
Dia: 14.20
Sphere/PWR: -2.50

Different brands may use different abbreviations for base curve and spherical power. For those who have astigmatisms there are additional information needed, eg:

Cyl: Cylindrical power
Axis: Axis of the lens

Step 3: Personal details

When you register you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and also your prescription details. Contacts4u will not pass any of your information on to third parties.

You will be asked to provide your prescription information and optician details for each product type ordered.If you do not have a copy of your prescription, we will be happy to contact your optician to confirm the details. We will only do this with your permission.

Step 4: Shipping details

You will need to complete this form if you wish to receive your order at a different address from that provided with registration.

Step 5: Payment process

Contacts4U will accept payment by Visa, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. All transactions are securely encrypted using SSL during transmission and information sent in this way cannot be intercepted.